546 clubs will have a voting right for BFU`s XVIII Regular Congress

16 January 2018 17:44

The Executive Committee of the Bulgarian Football Union held its first regular meeting for 2018.

It was decided that 546 clubs will be allowed to participate in the Congress and will have a voting right. The BFU`s XVIII Regular Congress will be held at "Marinela" hotel in Sofia on February 16.

The Executive Committee voted for the 2018 budget, which amounts to 19.1 million BNG with a projected revenue growth of 6 million BNG. The growth is mainly due to the successful work on the FIFA and UEFA development programs and the forthcoming participation of the national team in the Nations League tournament, but also to the good work of the administration for the application of UEFA and FIFA projects. The Ministry's of Youth and Sports Program "Development of Children's and Adolescent Football" has contributed also to the budget`s amount.

During the meeting, the Commission's proposal for children's and adolescent football was adopted to set up a single National Group in the Junior Under-15 Championship, similar to the Under-17 and 19 championships.

At today's meeting, the project "Online Children's and Adolescent Academy" was adopted. The project includes the online methodology program of the Dutch club "Ajax" and has been in operation since last year`s summer. By the end of this month, the " Children's and Adolescent Academy " will be available to all coaches in Bulgaria. The online platform includes over 2000 different exercises for all groups from 8 to 19 years of age.

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