Seminar for referees, assistant referees and referee observers in Second Profesional League

20 July 2017 10:03

Seminar for referees, assistant referees and referee observers in Second Profesional League was held in Sliven. The program included a variety of classroom classes, group work, video analyzes, and real practical training, with the referees and assistants preparing themselves in a profiled way.

The main lecturer during the  seminar was the adviser to the President of the BFU on Referee Matters Mr. Mark Bata.

Main focus was on the following topics: Protection of players health on the field, interaction and teamwork, game management.

Referees and assistants dealt with traditional pre-season combined and fitness tests. After the end of the seminar, on the basis of their presentation, the Referee commitee of the BFU reported that the referees and the assistants and are well prepared for the upcoming championships.

The next two days will be a seminar for referee and assistant referees in the U17 and U19 Championships. 

Department „Public Relations and Media“


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