Bulgaria retained his 100 % home record after a dramatic win against Sweden

1 September 2017 01:12


1:0 Manolev (12), 1:1 Lustig (29), 2:1 Kostadinov (33), 2:2 Berg (44), 3:2 Chochev

BULGARIA: Iliev, Chorbadzhiyski, Bozhikov, Zanev, S. Popov, Slavchev, Chochev, Kostadinov, Manolev (75-Kraev), Milanov (61-Nedelev), I. Popov (83-Dimitrov). Head Coach: Petar Hubchev

SWEDEN: Olsen, Lindelof, Grangvist, Lustig, Augustinson, Ekdal (70-Larson), Johansson (85-Armenteros), Forsberg, Durmaz.  ad Coach: Jane Anderson

First half

Bulgaria retained his 100 percent home record in World Cup qualifying Group A for Russia 2018 after a dramatic 3:2 win against Sweden. This was Bulgaria first win over this rival since 1967. 

The host team opened the score in the 12th minute, when Georgi Milanov delivered a perfect ball for Manolev and the CSKA-Sofia player rose above the swedish defence to put the ball in the net.

Just four minutes later, Plamen Iliev saved an Emil Forsberg penalty, which was awarded after Kostadinov brought down Sweden captain Andreas Grankvist in the penalty area. In 16-th minute Bulgarian Head Coach Petar Houbchev was sent off after argiung refeeres decision.  

In the 29th minute Sweden leveled the score with a Mikael Lusting header, after a cross from Ludwig Augustinson. 

But the Bulgarian team made a quick reaction, and in the 33rd minute Georgi Kostadinov made a 2:1 whit a header after a fantastic free kick from captain Ivelin Popov.   

Peter Hubchev's players did not manage to keep their advance until the end of the half-time and four minutes before the break, equalized whit another header, this time from Marcus Berg.

Second half

After the break, the two teams continued to play equally and has retained a high tempo. The Swedish were more active in the opening minutes, creating a few changes in front of Plamen Iliev. 

However, Iliev, who plays club footbal with Astra in Romania was infallible and gave confidence to his teammates, who waited for their moment in the 78th minute, when an excellent counter founded Ivelin Popov in the opposite half and he sent a good ball to Ivaylo Chochev who scored the third goal for Bulgaria with a very accurate shot from outside the area. 

Next Bulgaria will play Netherlands on 3-th of September at Amsterdam Arena. 

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